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About Walguy's World Version 3.1

     Walguy's World version 1.0 debuted in March 2001. It was originally just going to showcase my vacation pictures, but I decided to add other features as well. Version 2.0 came online in September 2001, but personal problems caused me to stop updating in November of that year. Version 3.0 was unveiled in December 2003. I finally made some content and layout changes in October 2011 while retaining the basic style, thus upgrading it to version 3.1. All versions of this site have been designed and programmed completely from scratch by me, using HTML, CSS and my own graphic creations made with Photoshop.

About Me

     I'm a 64 year old lifelong resident of SE Wisconsin, a Christian, a photo specialist and general service clerk for a Walgreens, and a proud member of Jinzee's Murder Flock. I also enjoy reading and hanging out online.

Favorite actors: The Marx Brothers, Humphrey Bogart
Favorite actresses: Dakota Fanning, Selena Gomez, Lacey Chabert
Favorite movies: "My Girl," "Monte Carlo," "Tron"
Favorite singer, songwriter and music artist in general: Taylor Swift
Favorite colors: purple, blue, aquamarine and magenta
Favorite entrees: soy/veggie burger on whole wheat bun, lean white turkey
Favorite veggies: sweet potatoes, cauliflower, squash
Favorite fruits: raspberries, apricots, cherries


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